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Photo TEHCHING HSIEH, Left, Photo/Copyright Jürgen Frank; LI-E CHEN, Right, Photo by Maria-Teresa_Ortole.

A conversation with Tehching Hsieh


7pm, Tuesday, 2 October 2018

at Live Art Development Agency, London

Tehching Hsieh's first work, Exposure, created in 1973 when he was 22 years old, provided the earliest foundation for his six unprecedented durational performances undertaken between 1978 and 1999. These are five One Year Performance ('Cage Piece', 'Time Clock Piece', 'Outdoor Piece', 'Art/Life Rope Piece', 'No Art Piece') carried out between 1978 - 1986 and Tehching Hsieh: 1986 - 1999 ('Thirteen Year Plan'). These six ‘lifeworks’ shared the common concept, “Life is a life sentence, life is passing time, life is freethinking”. Today, Hsieh's aesthetic is expressed as his life, “I am just doing life.” 

A conversation with Tehching Hsieh marked the end of my R&D and was an opportunity for the public and myself to have a dialogue with Hsieh on his ‘aesthetics of the unseen’ and his thinking from his early work until now, and to gain a closer understanding of Hsieh’s ‘art without form’, ‘work become life’ and ‘freethinking become art.’ 


A conversation with Tehching Hsieh can be viewed here via Youtube


The event was organised as part of my One-Year R&D: A Silent Opera on the Life and Art of Tehching Hsieh 2017-2018.  For more details, please email

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