posted 19 March 2019

PRODUCER/ASSISTANT PRODUCER​ [3 Days Development Time, Flexible date, freelance rate]

CURATOR​ [3 Days Development Time, Flexible date, freelance rate]
 ​[5 Days Development Time, Potential date From May-July 2019. *Please note this opportunity is contingent on a successful joint application that Li-E would propose involving the successful candidate. More details below. Closing date of the joint application to ROH is 10th April 2019 midday]

Closing date of the invitation: ​31 March 2019

Selection of candidates: ​5th April.

These roles aim to allow Li-E Chen to move to the next stage in the development of her recent artistic projects, her 'Silent Opera' and 'Invisible Museum - I am a museum'. These collaborations will enable her to engage her existing cross-disciplinary practice and to bring together contemporary arts, opera, theatre and live arts practice. She is looking for practical and open-minded candidates with hand-on experience to support these collaborations. Recent applicants to the Freelance Producer or Curator roles are also welcome to submit for this invitation. Li-E Chen welcomes freelancers, organisations and institutions to support this development process. Please share this call for applications and let us know if you know anyone who may be a good fit for any of the roles.

Applicants should complete and submit the form via the link: ​APPLY HERE
Please email ​​ if you have any questions about this invitation or would like to respond to this invitation in alternative ways. We look forward to receiving your application.

Artist Bio

Li-E Chen (b. in China) is a London-based interdisciplinary artist and director. She lived in Shenzhen and Hong Kong before moving to London in 1997. She is interested in works that are not limited by any form and that express the unrepresentable nature of life experience rather than focus on the production of 'things'. Her works use silence, nothingness, and 'thinking postures' to draw on broader forms of art and performance, also engage with contemporary philosophy and mathematics found in Deleuze and Guattari’s ‘rhizomatic thinking’, Godel’s uncertainty and incompleteness theorems, and Wittgenstein’s propositional form.​ In 2018, Li-E further developed her aesthetic of silence through her One-Year Research and Development project, A Silent Opera on the Life and Art of Tehching Hsieh (2017/18). She is now working on two major compounds of her work for a range of artistic developments and collaborations that have come out of her R&D opera project. She aims to bring her ​'Silent Opera'​ and '​Invisible Museum - I am a museum'​ in 2022/23.


to support the further development of Li-E Chen's solo and collaborative projects.


●  Producing experience in contemporary theatre and/or opera,

●  Background in classical theatre and opera,

●  Interests in contemporary arts and performance.

●  Relationship management experience.

The successful candidate will support Li-E's explorations of her 'Silent Opera' for potential collaboration opportunities with theatre/opera venues, residencies and national touring.



to support the further development of Li-E Chen's solo and collaborative projects.


●  Museum curatorial experience in contemporary arts,

●  Backgrounds in arts history and aesthetics,

●  Interests in contemporary performance and exploring unfamiliar things.

●  Relationship management experience.

You will support the development of Li-E's work, '​Invisible Museum - I am a museum',​ for potential residencies and collaborations with music institutes and/or contemporary arts museums.


3. CALL FOR A FEMALE COMPOSER (who identifies herself as as female)

to pair up with Li-E Chen for a submission of an application to ENGENDER, Royal Opera House and Librettists Network - OPEN STUDIO development opportunity Round 1.


Requirements: Li-E Chen would like to work with a composer who is willing to develop a piece of music that responds to the idea of "a music that cannot be heard but must be composed."


*Please note this opportunity is contingent on a successful joint application that Li-E would propose involving the successful candidate. Please visit Librettist Network for details of this development application: ​​. If you are interested in and would like to have a conversation with Li-E before submitting your information, please email her



for application details, please read HERE



for application details, please read HERE

Closing date: 7th April 2019

Shortlisted date: 10th April 

Interview date: 12th April 


If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Hannah Whittaker - (Li-E Chen's Assistant) via email to, or call +44(0) 7946 420 467.

We look forward to receiving your application(s). Thank you.

Li-E Chen - Interdisciplinary artist and director

Hannah Whittaker - Assistant

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