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a. V. a. Chen examines the nature of working on imperceptible territories and 'the case of art that cannot be seen, heard, held, or perceived.' She uses propositional forms to express and explore the aesthetic of everyday life and art. In May 2021 when her daughter turns 8 months old, she gave herself a new name aVa Chen Ning Ning and begun her new life and new process of art making. A work-in-progress piece, 'The State of Art Mothers Award' is made to dedicate all mothers in the world which is a poem using the nature as a metaphor for a creation of a safe and secure life, inspired by the Perinatal Mental Health Services at the South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust, and a midwife at the Kingston Maternity Unit, Kingston Hospital NHS Trust (London). 

"Li-E Chen’s approach to how one thinks and how one acts in the context of everyday living and thinking strangely familiar and yet incomprehensible. Li-E’s work reminds me of Wittgenstein's ‘language-game’ which is based upon a person not being able to understand the rules and structures of a game unless they are in that game. Once they are in that game though then they cannot understand the rules of the other games. I feel as if this is where Li-E situates herself not only in her artistic practice but her approach to thinking about life and living.” - Christina Marriage, a member of Contributors to '8 Session-Experiments with Li-E Chen', as part One Year R&D 2017-18.

'Proposition For Self-Development 2020' was supported by the Arts Council England's Emergency Response fund in 2020. 

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