Workshop led by Li-E Chen as part of New Malden Arts Festival 2015


When: Saturday, September 12th 2015, 2pm – 5pm


Where: Meeting outside 1 Montem Road, New Malden KT3 3QW


Online Facilitation via Twitter online



“Art is not a mirror. Art is a translation of that which you do not know.” Marlene Dumas



Li-E Chen invited you to an experimental art workshop, using a domestic site of an everyday living space for participants to explore the notion of nothingness.


The aim of the workshop was to explore thinking and not-thinking, knowing and not-knowing, and to use domestic space as a neutral art material. The outcome participation could be creating your own artwork, such as a performance, visual piece, or series of actions.

The workshop consisted of three exercises. The first exercise concerned knowing and not-knowing, and asked participants to work on the basis of two principles, one being a question or problem for which they would never be able to know the answer, and the other being a fact that they know to be true. The second exercise explored the use of ‘chance operations’ to find an answer to a question, with any choice of answer being the right answer. For the third exercise, participants were asked to carry out a short research task about posture, which could be a photograph, painting, or self-portrait, as well as an essay or scientific study. You used this research to explore the idea of ‘thinking posture’.


Participants worked in groups to share material and inspiration, and created an improvised work.


This workshop was created from Li-E Chen's ‘n-1’ experimental site specific project.

Project coordinator Gabriella Daris:




Information for Online Participants


This was Li-E Chen's first time facilitating a workshop both live and online. The online facilitation took place via Twitter live on Saturday, 12 September 2015, 2pm - 5pm. 


Online participants were invited to use their own domestic spaces to explore the workshop exercises with us. Both live and online participants were followed by the same workshop guildlines: be free, open and inventive with your own new approach using your domestic space as a neutral art material.


Please feel free to share yours with us via Twitter.