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n-1 Performance life documents Li-E Chen's first experimental site-specific piece, 'n-1' which was taken place across London in 168 sites between 2.2.2015 - 2.2.2017. 

’n-1' was my ex ex exp exp ex ex ex expr expr ex ex ex ex ex [pause] ex ex ex exp expri me nta t ion of L I F E.

n-1 Performance life 

Published by Li-E Chen

Hardcover, size 15 x 23 cm, 150 pages

ArtBook Edition:

Published on Earth Day, 22 April 2017. 

ISBN: 9781366057839.​​

30 copies limited edition with 27 Sheets of Brown Paper pieces from '(n-1) London' Li-E Chen 2016 - 2017. 


You can find this special print edition at the

British Library

National Poetry Library collection at Southbank Centre, Live Art Development Agency's Study Room (in London),

Arts Council England's Library (in Manchester), and 

Asian Art Archive (in Hong Kong). 

If you would like to request a free copy of the limited edition for your local reference library, please contact Li-E Chen for details.

PrintBook Edition: 

Published on 15 May 2017 

ISBN: 9781364151287

This can be purchased via Live Art Development Agency's Unbound

PrintBook Edition does not have Li-E Chen's art prints '(n-1) London.'

EBook Edition: This can be download free here

Publication: n-1 Performance life

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