LI-E CHEN: PROPOSITION FOR 2019 - PRESENT (2019 - Present)

PROPOSITION FOR 2019 - PRESENT is my new process of art making, where I examine the nature of working on imperceptible territories and 'the case of art that cannot be seen, heard, held, or perceived.' 


In July 2019, I conducted my first Imperceptible Series at the 12th Annual Deleuze & Guattari Studies international Conference. PROPOSITION FOR 2019 - PRESENT is part of my preparation for developing my full-length solo Silent Opera and new work, Invisible Museum - I am a museum.

“Li-E Chen’s approach to how one thinks and how one acts in the context of everyday living and thinking strangely familiar and yet incomprehensible. Li-E’s work reminds me of Wittgenstein's ‘language-game’ theory which is based upon a person not being able to understand the rules and structures of a game unless they are in that game. Once they are in that game though then they cannot understand the rules of the other games. I feel as if this is where Li-E situates herself not only in her artistic practice but her approach to thinking about life and living.”

- Christina Marriage, Contributor Curator to '8 Sessions-Experiment with Li-E Chen' as part of Li-E Chen’s One Year R&D Opera

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